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Windfinder - News

Android App v1.8.0 out now!

Today we have released a new version of our Android App. There are two main new features in the app:

  • We have added a help section to give you answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our reports and forecasts as well as the usage of our app
  • We have optimized the user interface especially on large screens. This gives a more polished look that uses the screen space better than before.

In addition to that we created a new product video for our app - have a look here:

You can download our apps directly from Google Play:

Download Free Version
Download Pro Version

You can also have a look at our Windfinder Android App product page to find more details about our app.

Windfinder for the iPad!

Today we are happy to present you a new version of our Windfinder iPhone App. This is one of our biggest releases up to now, and we are able to show you an exciting new feature: our app is finally available in a native iPad view!

If you are opening our app on the iPad in landscape mode, you will get a list of your configured favorite locations on the left hand side. With this you can switch easily between your preferred locations to compare the forecasts or reports.

Besides that, we added new options for wind direction and clouds and also made some performance and UI enhancements. 

Best of all: this update is free for all existing users of our app - if you have previously bought our Windfinder Pro app for the iPhone, you can now download the app on your iPad free of charge!

The update should happen automatically on your iPhone. You can also download the app from the App Store here.

New version of the Windfinder Android App

We have just released a new version of our Windfinder Android App. There have been a lot of usability and performance improvements in the app. Besides that, we also added a lot of unit settings, for example you can now show the wind direction in degrees:

Your Android smartphone or tablet should notify you and install the update automatically. You can also download the new version from Google Play:

Pro version download from Google Play Store
Free version download from Google Play Store

Android App with a lot of improvements!

Today we have released a new version of our Windfinder Android App. We added a lot of improvements, here are the biggest new features:

  • Better support for tablets: in landscape mode, you will see a list of favorites on the left hand side, making it easier to switch between your favorite locations

  • Share the current forecast or report via Email, Facebook or Google+. Or simply store it in your personal Dropbox!
  • Deep linking support: when clicking on a link to Windfinder in another app, you can choose to open it in the Windfinder Android App, too!

  • Updated the forecast range to more than seven days in the future
  • Faster and improved data loading

With this version you are ready for the new summer season! Google Play on your Android device will notify you about the new update or you can download the Windfinder Android App directly from Google Play.

New version of the Windfinder iPhone App

Right in time for the new season (at least on the northern hemisphere) we have released a new version 3.4.0 of our Windfinder app for iPhone. There are three main changes:

  • we have extended the forecast range to seven days like on our website
  • the wind reports now show the past 24 hours and are available in landscape mode, too
  • faster loading times of all screens

You will be notified by the App Store on your iPhone about the update. If you do not have the Windfinder iPhone App installed yet, you can download it from the App Store.