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Wind forecasts on Google Maps

Today we have added a new possibility to search for the best wind: now you can view the wind forecasts on Google Maps!

wind_forecast_google_maps.pngJust like the previously announced Google Maps for Wind Reports, you can pan and zoom as well as switch the view from satellite to map view like in any other Google Map, too. In addition to that, you can browse through all availabe forecast times up to seven days in the future using the “+3h” and “-3h” buttons.

There is also the special “Get Link” function. Navigate to your favorite view and click on the “Get Link” button in the top left corner. You will receive a link to the current view that you can pass to your friends by mail or Instant Messenger or you can put it on your website or blog. For example you can directly link to the wind forecast for tomorrow in Northern Germany, Tarifa area or the French Mediterranean coast.