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Windfinder - News

Did you know: Suggest a location

If you always wanted to have the Windfinder forecasts especially for your location, you can suggest this location to us and we will add it to the Windfinder website! This is useful if we don’t already cover you favorite kite- or windsurfing beach or your favorite paragliding launch. In addition to that, we will also generate Superforecasts for locations in Europe, North America and Egypt.


Simply go to our “Suggest a location" webpage, click your location on Google Maps, enter some details and you are ready! We will automatically send you a mail when your requested location is added to the Windfinder website.

Did you know: Wave forecasts

Did you know that Windfinder also offers wave forecast for all surfers or other wave-addicts out there? In our forecast maps for the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, you can see the swell trains coming in to your local spot. On the spot forecast pages (e.g. Peniche), you also find detailed information about the swell height, direction and period besides our usual wind and weather parameters.

wave_forecast_peniche.pngIf you are in North America, we can offer you additional wave forecast maps with a higher resolution, so you will be able to pick your surfing days even better!

Did you know: Webcam directory

Did you know that Windfinder has a very large directory of web- and surfcams with over 1700 entries? Using Google Maps, you can view your favorite spot from your computer at home and see for yourself if the conditions are good.

You can browse our webcam and surfcam directory from the top navigation point “webcams”. If you have a webcam available at home pointing at your local surf spot or you think there is a cam missing in our directory, don’t hesitate to add it!

Did you know: Wave reports

Besides our wave forecast, Windfinder also offers wave reports from buoys around the world. You can find all buoys on our wave report maps, covering wide regions of the world, e.g. Southwest Europe, Northwest Europe, California, Hawaii, Florida and many other more.

wave_reports.pngOn all detailed buoy wave reports (e.g. Hanstholm), you also have the possibility to view the past wave reports. Just select your preferred date from the “Past weather” - box in the left column.

Did you know: Wind on your desktop

widget_english_front_190x184.pngBesides the normal way of opening a browser and pointing it to, there are also other ways to stay in touch with the wind while you are at your computer. If you have Firefox running, you perhaps already know about our Firefox extension Windfox, but we also have so-called “Widgets” or “Gadgets” available for almost any computer platform there is.

With every widget, you can view the current wind speed and the wind forecast for the next days. It updates frequently, so you can be sure to never miss the wind again. The widgets also can alarm you when the wind speed extends beyond a certain configurable threshold.

If you run Windows Vista, the Windfinder Gadget is available for your sidebar. For Mac OSX, the Widget sits in your Dashboard. If you have Windows XP or Linux, you must install Google Desktop first before installing our Google Gadget. And if you are using the Yahoo widget engine, we also have a widget available for that.